Kailey Simmering


Why hair?


"I absolutely fell in love with the art of hair as a teenager. I was constantly going to

shows and emulating the looks of the musicians and fans on myself and friends.

Hair has always been such a personal form of self expression for me and being

able to give my client's a signature look is amazing. Our hair is truly our crown and

it says so much about who we are as people."

What's the most important part of hairstyling?



I was so lucky to work in salons with an incredible education. I've been mentored by 

some of the greatest hairstylists in the country and I've gotten to travel abroad and

learn from some of the most skilled masters in the hair industry. The key to being a

great colorist and stylist is knowledge and knowing that you will never know it all.

I learn everyday whether it be watching videos, attending classes, or finding new

tricks behind the chair. I strive every day to perfect my craft. 

Listening to my clients' wants, needs and concerns are very important to me. I'm not 

happy unless my client is happy. Before I start any service I sit down with my client and

makes sure we are on the same page. We look at photos and find inspiration 

together then I offer suggestions, craft a plan and manage expectations.

Communication is key!"

How do you approach the client experience?

"Making sure my clients have a wonderful experience is my number one concern. I don't

believe in ego or attitudes in the salon. I am there to provide an experience that's really

fun for both the client and myself. I love what I do and I love sharing that passion.

Whether you want to have a 90's sing along or silently get caught up on your work in my

chair, I'm down! The most important thing to me is that you leave loving your hair and feeling


You're a salon owner now, how's it feel?

"It's a dream realized! It's exciting and scary, just like all new things, I've never been happier.

I just want to share the space with as many people as I can!"

What would you like to say to new clients?

"I can't wait to meet you! Getting to create my art on your hair is the greatest

honor you can give me and I take that seriously. I promise to give you personal attention and

ensure we are on the same page with every step of the process. You will leave feeling

beautiful, I promise!"

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